Everything is Urgent

Everything having to do with my dad seems “urgent.” Unfortunately, urgent or not, I cannot do everything at once.

The problem is that simple things turn into weeks-long projects involving forms, letters, faxes and more phone calls. It wouldn’t be so bad, but Dad’s determination to “straighten everything out,” complicates matters.

Like the time I got a call from the insurance agent because Dad tried to cancel his prescription drug coverage. Dad had decided the insurance was a waste of money and insisted he could buy his prescriptions cheaper on his own.

So I went to the pharmacy and had them list what Dad’s prescriptions would cost without insurance. Surely, once he saw the actual numbers, he’d agree to keep the insurance, since it is saving him about $1,000 per month.

I showed the list to Dad, but a couple of weeks later, he was on the phone with the insurance company again wanting to cancel the policy.

When I asked him about it, he said the pharmacy I’d gone to was “over-priced.”  So I went to a different pharmacy. Showed him the new list. And within a couple weeks, he was talking about canceling the policy again.

Take this scenario and picture it with banks, brokers and any other business you can imagine, and you have an idea of how I spend the bulk of my time these days.

The problem is that neither my day nor my energy level has expanded to accommodate these new demands. I’m exercising regularly, praying (a lot!), participating in support groups, and eating lots of veggies. Unfortunately, there is a limit beyond which even the most powerful vitamins cannot take me.

So, even though everything is urgent, some things have to be put on hold – regardless of any real or perceived consequences. I’m doing the best I can right now; it seems like it’s not “enough,” but I can only do what I can do. Right?

My dad has an awesome smile! He's picking cherries - probably late 1970s.

My dad has an awesome smile! He’s picking cherries – probably late 1970s.


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